An Ode to being a Fat Babe

Fat goddess bitch. Latin@. Queer. Body Positive.

I wore these leggings out on Sunday and even though I love them, I fucking hated them. I thought my legs looked too big (as I usually do) and honestly, I didn’t even want to look at myself. So, last night I decided that I was going to love them again. I found this shirt in the back of my closet, put on some makeup, and took these pictures.

Being positive about my body is so hard some days because truly, I’ve been told my whole life that my body is wrong and takes up too much space. But I’ve definitely come a long way. Last month, I would never have posted pictures that showed this much of my arms, stomach, thighs, etc. Last year, I would never have tied this shirt up, worn it without a tank top , and I SURE AS HELL would not have taken or posted pictures in it.

So these pictures are a giant FUCK YOU to everyone who has ever tried to make me feel bad about my body. It’s a fuck you to all of the people who wanted to like me in private because they couldn’t handle my body. It’s a fuck you to everyone who has ever offered me dieting or exercise tips that I never fucking asked for. And most of all it’s a fuck you to everyone who fetishes the fat body.

I don’t want your fucking help. I am not your fucking fetish. I will not hate my body to fit your standards

***DONT REBLOG THIS TO YOUR FETISH/PORN BLOGS that’s not what these are for

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